From Save the Dates to Thank you Cards and everything in-between. Wanting to offer you something truly personal, you chose which products will create your very own stationery collection.

Save the Dates

Save the Dates are often sent for weddings which are booked early, advising your guests of the wedding date to allow them to mark it on their calendar and keep it free. Usually sweet and simple, no finer details as this information will all be on the formal invitation.

Postcard style save the dates have been popular, other styles are sent in envelopes keeping your details more secure. Usually A6 or smaller is enough to give your guests a glimpse into your day and to advise them of the planned date.


Formal invitations will advise your guests on everything they need to know about your wedding; when it is, where it is, the time, etc. Cards are usually supplied alongside your invitation for more detailed information, this could be your RSVP card, your wedding gift list, accommodation details, menu choices, etc. You will require invitations for both your day and evening guests, these could be the same style with different wording or you may choose to give your day guests a more elaborate invitation.

Invitations come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Each invitation is supplied with a complimenting envelope.

Order of Service

For church weddings an order of service guides guests through the ceremony, it will detail all the important moments and will include any hymns. You could include any readings, the names of your bridal party, even details of your reception to make it really personal. Churches will all have their own guidance therefore you should request a sample order from your church to work to and all wording must be discussed and agreed with the vicar or priest. Not restricted to church weddings, if your ceremony is held at a venue you can still opt to have a traditional order of service printed for your guests.

Usually a folded booklet consisting of a beautifully designed card cover and service details printed to the internal paper pages. Popular sizes are either 148x210mm or 74x210mm.

Ceremony Signs

When arriving at a wedding ceremony do you know which side to sit? Maybe your going a little more modern, your not having a Bride and Groom side and you’d like guests to choose their own seat regardless of the side. Either way a great way of communicating this information is to have a sign near the entrance advising people of your choice. Usually stood on an easel the sign should be welcoming and informative. You may want to add a line of text about the front pews being reserved for the bridal party.

A3 is a popular size as its not intrusive but offers enough space to show the message. Available in a wide choice of styles to perfectly compliment your special day while incorporating your stationery style.

Order of the Day

You may wish to give guests an Order of the Day, a guide detailing the order of your special day. Not to be mistaken with an Order of Service this details the important timings of the day. A popular idea if your ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, usually given to guests on their arrival. Alternatively, you may opt to display this information on a sign at the venue, this has become a popular option. Popular timings to include would be the arrival time, ceremony time, time of photographs, canapés, wedding breakfast, speeches, cutting of the cake, arrival of evening guests, first dance, evening food, exit of Bride and Groom, last orders and the closure of your amazing day.

The size of the order would be dependant on how much information you would like to include. A brief order can be printed to elegant small cards, A6 in size whereas a folded design, A5 in size would allow space for a more detailed order to be printed. Signs again would vary depending on the amount of information you would like to give, varying from A3 right through to A1.

Table Plan

A Table Plan is used when you have pre-arranged the seating for your wedding breakfast. The plan will list guests names against each table number or name and will be displayed at the entrance to your wedding breakfast, guiding your guests to their seats. Some couples opt out of a formal Table Plan, allowing their guests to pick their own seats on arrival. A sign displayed at the entrance will advise guests to choose their own seat, if choosing this option no place names would be required.

Various styles and sizes are available, size could be defined by the number of guests as information would need to be clear and legible. Printed table plans or seating signs can vary from A4 right through to A1 in size. You may choose to come away from a printed sign and opt for something a little more quirky, maybe tags hanging inside a frame, text applied to a mirror, free standing table tags or something really unique to you and your day, the possibilities are endless.

P.s. don’t forget to take a copy of the table plan with you when setting your venue. This will help you lay the place names accordingly. With each table plan, regardless of style a printed table plan will be supplied for this very reason.

Table Identity

If you have opted for a formal table plan for your wedding breakfast you will need to identify each table, allowing guests to find their seats. This could be simply numbering each table or you could name each table so they are in keeping with your theme. You can still have table identity cards if you are not having a table plan, it is your wedding and I’ll work with you to create it your way.

Usually placed on the table these can be freestanding or cards to sit within a table holder. Double sided is a popular option to prevent having a blank face on the other side however, you could always have something quirky the other side, maybe something relating to the table name? A5 is a popular size to work with, it offers a clear, visible sign without obstructing guests view however, it can be made to almost any size to meet your requirements.

Place Names

Place names are individual cards with the guest’s name printed guiding them to their dedicated seat. You would not require place names if you are not having a table plan. These are also a great platform for adding personality, you could add guests menu choices, maybe the meaning of their name or a thank you message. At my wedding I added a playing card to each place name, putting a riddle on the back and guests had to find the person with the matching card to find the answer, a great way to get guests interacting.

There are so many different options, traditionally names are printed on the face of a folded tent style card, I offer these with a face size of 35x110mm and can either be simple black text or full colour graphics. Maybe your after something different, how about laser cut names to sit on napkins, a place name sitting on the rim of a wine glass or even something to go on the chair?

Menu Cards

It is nice to have Menus Cards on the table, it allows guests to see what food is being served or to jog their memory if they menus have been pre-chosen. You could lay a menu card at each place setting or have a couple of freestanding menus on each table.

Sizes for Menu Cards vary depending on how you would like to position them on your table. You could opt for long thin cards or small Menu cards for each place setting or a more traditional folded style menu if you choose to have a couple sitting on each table.

Thank you Tags

Thank you Tags make a nice addition to laid tables at the wedding breakfast, in keeping with your stationery style they are the perfect finishing touch. Tag text could simply read ‘Thank you’ or have more detailed text, for example ‘Thank you for sharing our first meal as Mr & Mrs’. These work well laid over napkins or tied around items on the table, for example the knife and fork or a spring of greenery on a plate.

An ideal size for a printed tag with a ribbon is 100x55mm, adding shaped edges creates a really pretty tag. If you would like the tag to sit in the centre of a ribbon on a folded napkin a size of 50x60mm works well. These sizes are estimates only, they can be made to any size depending on what text you would like printed on them and how you intend to use them.

Favour Tags

There are so many favours available, from traditional sugar coated almonds to really unique favours which people like to personalise for their day. If you would like to personalise your favours I can supply Favour Tags in keeping with your stationery collection, these could be printed tags or stickers. If you have not yet thought about favours, I can offer laser cut favour boxes or small bottles, full details available on request.

From card tags with your details printed, finished with ribbon to printed labels Favour Tags will be designed specifically to suit your requirements.

Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters can make a perfect finishing touch on a laid table, especially when they are created in the same style as your other day stationery. They could be theme inspired coasters, they could have your name and wedding date, they could be used as place names or even double up as drink toppers which can be placed on top of the glass when you are away advising people that this drink belongs to someone.

Usually circles with a diameter of mm they can have black text printed to the face or full colour graphics. You are not restricted by this shape or size and Drink Coasters can be made to suit your requirements.

Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers have become increasingly popular, ideal if you are not sure what to put on top to finish it off. They are usually words, for example ‘The Best Day Ever’, ‘Mr & Mrs’ or even your names but a design could easily be added, maybe a couple kissing or birds in a tree.

Wedding Signs

Wedding Signs are ideal for informing guests, it could be asking guests not to upload photos on social media, welcome signs, sweet table signs, dance rule signs, there are so many different uses.

Please contact me to discuss your signage needs.

Thank you Cards

After your wedding it is courteous to send Thank you Cards to your guests. By adding Thank you cards to your collection your theme can be present even after your day has finished. If you are interested in adding a photograph, I can liaise with your photographer to ensure the perfect moment is captured at the right specification for the card size.

Thank you Cards can be supplied blank, with generic text or personal messages printed inside.

Finishing Touches

Let’s look at what small details can be added to compliment your stationery, these finishing touches can make all the difference.

Materials I work with


A majority of my items are made using a variety of cardstock, this could be white card, textured card, recycled card, glitter card, pearlescent card or coloured card usually 300gsm to give a really nice quality. You are not restricted by shapes or straight lines as bespoke shapes can be laser cut to your requirements. For some larger items, for example an A1 printed table plan the card thickness would be reduced as I am limited by paper size, we can discuss this in finer detail to your order.


A versatile material available in a range colours with a matt or gloss finish. Vinyl can also be supplied with a number of special finishes including glitter, rainbow effect and reflective to name a few. Vinyl is ideal if you want to add something to an existing product, for example if you wanted guests names written on a mirror to create a table plan or maybe adding text to a clear glass panel to create a modern welcome sign.
These lists are a guidance only, the possibilities are endless and I will work with you to create a stationery collection that is perfect for you and your very important day. A design will flow seamlessly from one itemFor more information, or to discuss something not listed, please contact me.