Mad Alice in Wonderland

Full colour printed graphics allowed the ‘Mad’ package to be created to reflect the Alice in Wonderland theme.

This romantic story included;
  • Invitations
  • Order of Service
  • Reception Welcome Cards
  • Table Plan
  • Place Names
  • Hanging Characters
  • Quote Scrolls
  • Take Me Favours
  • Drink Me Favours
  • Drink Me Tags
  • Eat Me Tags
  • Hand-stiched White Rabbit Gloves
  • Hand-stiched Tweedle Collars

There is no review for this stationery as it was for my own wedding however, the feedback received from guests, on receiving the invitations, on the day and after was exceptional.

This collection was produced for my own wedding, therefore no profit was made or designs sold. For this reason, this design cannot be re-made due to copywrite laws on images used.